How much will the cost for treating Cervical Ectropion?

  Besides finding a reputable address, the cost of treating cervical ectropion is also one of the issues and worries of many women who unfortunately suffer from this disease. Many women are too concerned about costs that do not make early visits, making the disease worse and more complicated.

Symptoms of Cervical ectropion

  The primary symptom of cervical ectropion may be red, inflamed patch at the neck of the cervix the transformation zone.

  Other symptoms a woman might experience include:

   Pain during sexual intercourse

   Bleeding during or after sexual intercourse

   Light discharge of mucus

   Spotting between menstrual periods

Causes of Cervical ectropion

  Other women are born with cervical ectropion. It might also be caused by:

  Hormonal changes: Cervical ectropion may be caused by fluctuations in hormone levels and it is most common in women who are of reproductive age. Women who have gone through menopause rarely get cervical ectropion.

  Taking the contraceptive pill: Taking birth control pills affects a person's hormone levels and might cause cervical ectropion.

  Pregnancy: Being pregnant may also cause cervical ectropion because of the changes in hormone levels.

Treating Cervical ectropion at Heng Kang Clinic

  Currently, women who suffer from cervical ectropion can go to Heng Kang clinic for treatment at reasonable fees, be publicly transparent according to each item, with specific invoices and listing according to the regulations of the authorities. After having the results of clinical examination, depending on the cause and condition of the disease, our doctor will apply an appropriate treatment, which will help shorten the time as well as save the cost. Heng Kang clinic has been successfully used to support women with cervical ectropion by advanced and modern medical electrosurgical unit gynecological LEEP method. Electromagnetic waves are able to directly affect the inflammatory pathway, leading to changes in protein epithelium, causing inflammatory cells to become necrotic. At the same time, stop bleeding and promote the regeneration of cervical tissue cells. Minimal invasion does not cause pain, limit bleeding and leave no scars.

  According to Heng Kang Clinic physicians specializing in obstetrics and gynecology, the cost of treating cervical ectropion will depend on a number of factors:

  Disease status: If women suffer from mild cervical ectropion, the short period of treatment will save treatment costs more than those with severe health problem. For people with severe infections, invasive bacteriophages to other organs must combine treatment, so that the fee will change accordingly.

  Treatments: If you visit our doctor early, diseases are developing at an early stage, the simple treatment method will lower the cost of treatment compared to those who have complicated disease changes, so surgical procedures required.

  Treatment center: A medical clinic has a team of medical doctors with high qualifications, experience, modern equipment, advanced treatments, which will certainly bring better treatment efficiency than the lower quality clinics. However, the fees at different clinics also not the same fees. Therefore, the selection of medical clinics is also one of the decisive factors for treatment costs.

  In addition, if patients want to do more examination during the treatment such as ultrasound, test, blood test, etc. or choosing a private treating doctor also decides up to the cost of treatment.

   Note: In the case of women who have cervical ectropion in the first stage, they will be assigned to use some medicine. The medicine has an anti-inflammatory effect, relieves pain, removes inflamed cells from the body, effectively remedy abnormal symptoms for women. The whole process of examination and treatment is closely monitored by our highly qualified and experienced medical doctors, We ensure safety and high treatment efficiency.

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