The reason why women suffer from cervical ectropion

  Cervical etropion usually just occurs in married women or have had sex, then the vagina will lose the ability to defend by staying open state, this is an opportunity for bacteria to penetrate causing inflammation. This is the case, however, the causes of cervical route inflammation will be shared by experts at HengKang Clinic immediately with the following below

The causes of cervical ectropion

  Cervical ectropion, or cervical ectopy, is when the soft cells (glandular cells) that line the inside of the cervical canal spread to the outer surface of your cervix. The outside of your cervix normally has hard cells (epithelial cells).

  Where the two types of cells meet is called the transformation zone. The cervix is the “neck” of your uterus, where your uterus connects to your vagina. This condition is sometimes referred to as cervical erosion.

   Poor hygiene habits: When you have sex but do not pay attention to hygiene the vaginal area, ​​the bacteria will invade and possibly cause female genital inflammation.

  In women used to pregnant, giving birth will leave cervical cracks and, if not properly cleaned, this is also the residence of bacteria that cause gynecological inflammation.

   Due to stimulate inflammation: When inflamed, more fluid is produced in the uterus, the cervix is soaked in long-term secretions causing cervical route.

   Due to gynecological surgery: Some cases of surgery after marriage or from the diagnosis of gynecological treatment must be cervical dredging ... this is one of the causes of cervical ectropion.

   Excessive hygiene: Some women use high-quality cleaning solutions to clean the vaginal area, these solutions kill the beneficial bacteria and causing damage to the epidermis eventually leading to cervical ectropion.

  In addition, there are a number of causes of cervical ectropion such as changes in alkaline-acid environment, due to the use of many estrogen birth control pills, multiple births or miscarriage or abortions.... However, so far, science has not confirmed the cause of the cervical ectropion.

  Therefore, you should look to clinics that have gynecological departmant for regular gynecological examination, so that you can detect the disease early and have appropriate treatment, avoiding unfortunate consequences such as: causing cervical cancer, obstructing sperm into the ovary causing difficulty in conception resulting in infertility, endometritis....