Which method is safe to treat cervical ectropion?

  Cervical ectropion is fairly common among women of childbearing age. The disease causes many problems for women due to vaginal discharge, and can cause serious complications such as prolonged vaginitis, cervical cancer, obstructing the process of conception. So how to stop this disease? The following article will introduce the safest way to treat cervical ectropion.

Which method to treat cervical ectropion should be chosen?

  Experts said the most noticeable manifestation of cervical ectropion was that the women found is abnormal vaginal discharge. This is a favorable condition for harmful bacteria to develop and cause other gynecological diseases.

  Currently, there are many methods for treating cervical ectropion such as treatment with antibiotics, electrocautery, leep electrocoagulation machine, etc. However, these methods only apply to cases without other gynecological diseases such as vaginitis, ovarian inflammation,...

  If patient has these infections above, they have to treat it first. The method is performed 3 days after menstrual period circle, because in this time the cervix produces lowest mucus.

  Currently, the most effective curing of cervical ectropion is using leep electrocoagulation machine. This is a modern and advanced method with superior advantages compared to other methods.

  This technology uses high-frequency electric waves, owing to leep electrocoagulation through small metal wires that lead to the electrode tip producing, changes the protein epithelium and causes the inflammatory cells to gradually peel off, replacing with normal tissue. At the same time, stop bleeding and promote re-cervical tissue cells, improve blood circulation and restore cervix.

  *** The method of leep electrocoagulation to treat cervical ectropion also has the following advantages:

   Quick treatment time: Very short procedure time, about 10-20 minutes.

   High efficiency: This method helps to prevent complications and prevent the spread of inflamed tissues, produce new cells, stimulate resistance and enhance immunity.

   High safety: No pain, no bleeding, no infection, no scars, safe protection of the cervical lining.

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  After treating cervical ectropion, women need to abstain from having sex so that the cervix has time to recover. Always keep your vaginal area clean, do not do heavy work, should have a proper diet and rest.